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26 Jun

OMC '09

Melville | June 26th, 2009

Greetings all,

So, its been a while since the last time I’ve blogged on here but Big O mentioned something to me and I believe that its just about time to start it back up.

It’s Thursday night of OMC 2009 here at Jacksons Mill. I probably should have blogged some before now to keep you up to speed but I’ve been a little busy having fun with all of my friends?.what do you think I come to camp for, to sit here and blog all day? Not quite, but now that I have some time, I’d like to do a little updating for you.

So far this week has been awesome. When we first came to camp it was obvious that numbers were down again because of the lack of chairs in the assembly hall alone. This didn’t cause much stress though. My friend Chris Claudio and I soon agreed that the theme for the week would be “Numbers Down, Spirits Up!” as we were determined to have this week, once again, be the best week of our entire year.

I was assigned to stay in Marion Cottage for the week, which is a treat because not only is it my favorite cottage to stay in at the Mill, but almost all of my best friends are in the cottage with me, including my three roommates from my house in Morgantown, so it felt just as much like home as anywhere else I could be. Even with all of the activities available throughout the week, some of the most important and most memorable times you will ever have at 4H camp will be times and conversations you share with the roommates of your cottage. I guess there is just something about sleeping in a big, empty room with 12 other guys that just forms some sort of emotional bond.

Council Circles this week have been pretty extraordinary. Like always, the Mingo’s put out a couple duds in the funny stunt area and like always took some heat from the other tribes, but last night
they really pulled through with some quality material that had the whole camp cracking up. Last night’s council circle was also probably one of the hardest one’s I’ve ever sat through. I can’t even think to
tell you now what it was that had me and about eight others in a nonstop state of “the giggles,” but for some reason we could not stop laughing and never about anything in particular. Somehow a couple of my friends were able to convince to me to sit with them in the front row next to the chief and sag(who were also suffering from a nearly terminal case of the giggles themselves). Let me just say that “As The Bright Flames” has most definitely seen its more somber renditions.

Well that’s all from me for now. Its getting kind of late and I’ve been shakin’ what my momma gave me for a good two hours or so at the camp dance. (FYI: it was wicked awesome).

Talk to you soon, and probably tomorrow,
Mel ” Delaware GodChief” Johnson

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